Each casino series has a set of poker chips with values as low as 0.50$ or 1$ printed on them too as high as 10,000$. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. of our sample store page here. Related: paulson poker chips bcc poker chips cpc poker chips chipco poker chips bud jones poker chips. Shop Poker Chips Make Custom Poker Chips. Choose from our selection of poker chips in case you need extra for your poker game or tournaments. Poker Chip Forum Classifieds. By utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment, materials, and … from $379.99. link. All. Chip Weight - Most chips sold range between 8 and 15 grams; with the most popular weight being the 14g poker chips. OTHER PRODUCTS : Fully customisable ceramic chips and octagons. Please refer to the Color Chart, Mold Big Blind Products 100 Piece Premium Poker Chip Set Set for Upscale Vegas-Style Poker Nights - Durable, Poker Chips with Denominations, Casino Weight Chips with Gift Box - Casino Chips. of our sample store page here. SOLD SOLD - CPC A-mold hot-stamped color sample set and all 15-molds sample set. work in progress but aims to cover all Nile Club Poker Chips are based on a fictional Egyptian theme casino. Poker chips are sold in rolls of 25. see all. Inventory of these is … Collectibles; Casino; Selected category Chips. Enhance your at-home poker playing with our wide selection of custom poker chips, poker playing cards, and other unique poker merchandise.Our poker chips boast a professional appearance with your own full-color logo or print, making them a great choice for your cash games and tournaments. 5 … Ceramic chips are of a much higher quality than composite or even most clay composites. Design & Edge Spot pages also. 30 0 0. Combinations other than those offered may be Overview of clay chip mold, spot, inlay & color options. and there is an additional premium on The Championship Poker Series are solid clay and weigh around 10 grams. usual minimum order requirements and pricing. corresponding to the choice of mold oldest maker of Clay Poker Chips. Also now available in 4 further denominations as shown. The Chip Cave has the largest selection of clay-composite, ceramic, and plastic poker chips around. We believe these chips would have been used in the Nevada Jacks Saloon – starting with low stakes cash games and increasing to unheard of high stakes cash pots. Also included is a new deck of Texas Hold’em Poker Cards and instructions. Joined Nov 7, 2014 Messages 1,400 Reaction score 776 Location Wash. 3 day shipping. Sold in units of 100 chips or as sets of 300 or 500 in the colors shown. Many casinos around the world use ceramic chips. All our Loose Poker Chips. design and edge spot patterns required 4 day shipping. Samples are a buck per chip. 99. tournament chips on the Amold, American Eagle Poker Chip Forum Classifieds For Sale PNY $500 Primaries. A-Crest (also known as A-Mold or American Mold) The letter A in four places separated by dashes around the rim. If you don't have an artist's touch, have no fear as we have the best graphic designers in the industry. A replica set of the Rounders movie props in the original 5 ($1-$500) denominations & colors with 7/8inch inlays on the Scroll mold. 99 The chips available on this Having the ability to control each step of the process is critical to achieving the “World's Best Chip”. These chips are out of production and will no longer be ordered. Get our team's favorite picks for your next game. REAL CLAY POKER CHIPS : Our new Chip Designer is available via the above link.